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Episode 58: The Tourists vs. ‘Mighty Joe Young’ (1949)

February 14, 2022

Hello, kaiju lovers! “Ameri-kaiju” continues with three of the original MIFV Tourists—Nick Hayden, Joe Metter, and Joy Metter—returning to the Island to the “spiritual sequel” to King Kong (1933): Mighty Joe Young (1949). This classic features the special effects masters of the generations: Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen. As usual, Nate did way too much research, but its almost overshadowed by the BURNING OPRHANS(!). Nate’s guests were blindsided by this film’s climax; so much so, they start the discussion with that and move backwards through the movie, Memento-style. The Toku Topic is gorillas in captivity since Mighty Joe himself was a captive gorilla.

Before the broadcast, Nate speaks with Jessica about her new job as director of tourism on his way to meet with the Island’s new PR director, Darius R. Gold, a big game hunter from Texas. Amidst a metric ton of bravado, Mr. Gold tells Nate to contact Teri Young, the current caretaker for Mighty Joe Young. After the broadcast, Nate finally gets a reply from her—and a suspicious revelation about Cameron Winter.

This episode’s prologue, “Gold and Gorillas,” was written by Nathan Marchand with Michael Hamilton and Daniel DiManna.

Guest stars:

  • Sarah Marchand as Jessica Shaw
  • Michael Hamilton as Darius R. Gold
  • Kim Hogue as Teri Young

Additional music:

  • “New Mexican Thunderbird” by Vurez
  • “Pacific Rim” by Niall Stenson
  • “Son of Chaos” by Xaleph

Sound effects sourced from

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We’d like to give a shout-out to our MIFV MAX patrons Travis Alexander and Michael Hamilton (co-hosts of Kaiju Weekly); Danny DiManna (author/creator of the Godzilla Novelization Project); Eli Harris (elizilla13); Chris Cooke (host of One Cross Radio); Bex from Redeemed Otaku; Damon Noyes, The Cel Cast, TofuFury, Eric Anderson of Nerd Chapel, and Ted Williams! Thanks for your support!

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This episode is approved by Cameron Winter and the Monster Island Board of Directors.


  • Prologue: 0:00-8:16
  • Intro: 8:16-15:04
  • Entertaining Info Dump: 15:04-22:07
  • Toku Talk: 22:07-1:39:34
  • Promo: 1:39:34-1:40:52
  • Toku Topic: 1:40:52-1:58:38
  • Housekeeping & Outro: 1:58:38-2:12:30
  • Epilogue: 2:12:30-end

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